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Interphone RideSync
Interphone RideSync
Interphone RideSync
Interphone RideSync
Interphone RideSync

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Experience your smartphone on your motorcycle like never before, thanks to the Ridesync system. With "CarPlay" and "Android Auto" technology seamlessly integrated onto your bike, you can harness the most essential functions of your phone with utmost simplicity and safety. Enjoy a simplified interface designed for a wide range of applications optimized for motorcycle use: music, maps, podcasts, and more. Installation is easy and versatile thanks to the Quiklox system, providing instant access to apps, a large and readable screen with minimal clutter.


• 5.5 display – H150xW77xD17 - 182g
• Efficiency: Ridesync stands out for its wireless connection via Wi-Fi. This
allows for device connectivity without the use of cables. As it mirrors the smartphone, all its functions remain up-to-date and can be used without draining the phone's battery, keeping it safe in your pocket.
• Adaptability: Thanks to the Quiklox system, Ridesync can be easily attached and detached from the motorcycle bracket, offering flexibility and customization. Compared to competitors, it is the slimmest on the market, allowing for its use on other motorcycles or in cars as well.
• Reliability: Ridesync offers a certified IP66 protection rating, indicating that the device is completely dustproof and protected against strong water jets. The screen remains visible even in direct sunlight and does not get blocked due to overheating, making it usable in any weather condition.
• Dimensions:
• Device Ridesync
• Handlebar Mount • User Guide

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Interphone RideSync

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