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Product Description

The Link Monkey makes attaching your new chain or adjusting the length of an existing motorcycle drive chain length quick and easy. Perfect for setting the correct length for new chains when fitting to a bike or when adjusting sprocket size.

Using a hardened steel design, Link Monkey is manufactured to the highest standard for durability. Designed as an all-in-one product to split a chain, press fit connecting link plates and rivet pinheads - the ultimate chain tool.

Suitable for use on “X” and “O” ring chains from sizes 420 to 530, covering most road and off-road manufacturer motorcycle chain sizes.

  • Compatible with 420 - 530 motorcycle chains
  • Able to Split as well as link chains together.
  • Super Durable and easy to use.

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Tru-Tension Link Monokey Chain BreakerTool TRU034

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