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Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036
Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036
Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036
Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036
Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036

Product Description

The Tru Tension Motorcycle Bundle is the ultimate cleaning bundle for all those that are fanatical about keeping their motorcycles sparklingly clean! Containing a huge array of product including:
Monkey Juice Concentrate – Fill your bottle to the line indicated on the side of the bottle, tear the top off a Monkey Juice Concentrate Sachet and pour into the bottle, shake well, you’re ready to get cleaning!
Monkey Juice – Unlike other cleaners which quickly evaporate or drip off, Monkey Juice is designed to cling to the surface. This means it stays where you’ve sprayed it, maximising the cleaning power. Once rinsed, your motorcycle is left with a micro layer protective coating which reduces dirt build up and makes future cleaning a breeze. Monkey Juice is safe to use on surfaces including paint, carbon, rubber and brake components. Refill any time with another Monkey Juice Sachet for a fraction of the price of a complete bottle.
Muck Monkey – Give your chain and sprocket a small spray with PrimeShine Chain Cleaner before scrubbing with the Muck Monkey chain brush. This will loosen all grime, grease and contaminants from the chain.
PrimeShine Chain Cleaner -Blast away the loose dirt from the chain with another layer of PrimeShine Chain Cleaner and wipe away with a clean rag. Our Chain Cleaner contains rust inhibitors and corrosion-resistant compounds to protect your chain, unlike others that induce flash rusting following a clean.
BananaSlip Chain Lube – When initially sprayed our Chain Lube is extremely thin, almost like water, this allows it to immediately penetrate all moving areas of the chain before setting to a dry, anti-fling layer within minutes. It’s completely transparent and only requires a small amount to be applied for optimum lubrication.Most lubricants spray on in a thick layer and then sit on the outside of the chain (where the least lubrication is actually required) before flinging into the chain guard or all over the wheel, or causing a big horrible claggy mess, but not BananaSlip! Our lubricant is only thin when initially sprayed, this ensures it lubricates within the chain (not on the outside like others) to reduce wear and dissipate heat caused by riding.
TT78 Maintenance Spray – TT78 is the all in one spray explicitly designed to clean and protect motorcycle parts while leaving a high gloss finish. Designed specifically for motorcycles, TT78 is perfect for cleaning and lubricating nearly all parts of the motorcycle while providing a moisture repellent and rust preventative layer.
PrimeShine Brake Cleaner – Our specially formulated Brake Cleaner is designed to rapidly remove dirt, dust, carbon and oil build up on all braking components, leaving you with the optimum braking performance for your motorcycle. Its medium-dry action allows you just enough time to wipe away any residual dirt for prime stopping power. It even smells like Bananas!
1 x Monkey Juice 1Ltr Bottle
1 x Monkey Juice Concentrate Sachets
1 x PrimeShine Chain Cleaner (500ml)
1 x Much Monkey Chain Brush
1 x BananaSlip Chain Lube (500ml)
1 x TT78 Maintenance Spray (500ml)
1 x PrimeShine Brake Cleaner (500ml)

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Tru-Tension Luxury Motorcycle Bundle TRU036

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