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The incredible V2 Sponge™

The Ultimate Helmet Visor Cleaning Sponge On The Market Today! 

OK, it looks like a normal sponge, cut into a cute looking V shape. That's about where the similarity ends between the V2 Sponge™ and the thing that you use to clean the dishes.

The finest materials technology lab in Europe has delivered us a miracle material - its MICROCELL structure is made entirely of the tiniest fibers you can imagine.

Unlike a normal sponge or cleaning cloth these fibers don't just slide over the muck that’s left on your visor, they actually cut into it like little cheesewires and lift it away. While they are ruthless at removing the grime, they won't damage any visor with an Anti-Scratch treatment - rub as hard as you like, you'll just get the muck off even faster!

Because it's the unique cell structure that provides this cleaning the V2 Sponge™ requires NO CHEMICALS - the V2 Sponge™ isn't impregnated with anything - JUST ADD WATER and it's ready to go.

Once we had nailed the material we looked hard at what would be the best shape to fulfill all the key attributes required of this little marvel.
The V-shape we've researched and put into manufacture was clearly best for 3 main reasons:

1. The leading edge on a jet wing is swept, so for the same given length you actually have a longer leading edge - on the V2 Sponge™ the leading edge is what does a good proportion of the cleaning so we've done the same. 7% more edge for the same height.

2. In testing when we rubbed with a normal square sponge to try and get muck off, we noticed that we always put our fingers in the corners so we could apply the maximum pressure through the sponge onto the muck.
Trouble is with a square sponge you have to use the very edges to make this effective. By making the V2 Sponge™ V-shaped with a point at the bottom and 2 "ears" you've got 3 narrow points with which to apply pressure for harder to remove muck (not that anything is truly hard to remove with one of these!) Back to back tests show that we've made the cleaning effectiveness at least 40% better by doing this!

3. Size isn't important - well actually, if you're making something that needs to fit in a pocket, it is. A square chunk of sponge is just that, a chunk. It's bulky in the pocket and also hard to get back into the watertight bag, unless you make the bag bigger, which makes the whole pack bigger etc.

Making the V-shaped sponge cures all of this - it's comfy and compact in the pocket and the point of the V couldn't make it any easier to get the sponge back into its watertight bag.



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